Pipe Descaling Service


Pipe Descaling

Pipe Descaling

To properly clean your pipes, we’ll start with a visual inspection to gauge the level of buildup.

Next, we’ll select the most suitable cleaning method for your specific situation. When dealing with underground utilities like fire lines, we employ pigging, rotary head technology, and Picote mechanical equipment.

Typically, pigging isn’t our primary choice due to the toughness of the buildup. Foam pigs are prone to falling apart rather than effectively removing the stubborn buildup.

Instead, we utilize Picote mechanical equipment to apply a stronger force to the scale buildup in your pipes. This method efficiently removes scale while conserving water compared to pigging or rotary head technology.

After clearing your pipes of buildup, we highly recommend implementing scale prevention measures. Without proper prevention, you’ll find yourself needing to clean your pipes every five years.

To prevent buildup, we can apply a thin epoxy coating to the interior of your pipeline. This method not only prevents scale but also extends your pipeline’s integrity by 30-50 years. Additionally, our epoxy coating is NASA-approved for safety and effectiveness.

Once your pipeline is clean, coated, and thoroughly dried, it’s ready to be put back into service.

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