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Toilet Repair

Requires constant plunging:
If you are constantly having to use a plunger on your toilet, there may be a problem down the line, which will require professional equipment to repair.

Constant running water:
If you have a toilet that constantly keeps running water, you could be losing money every single month! Get this checked as soon as possible!

Low flushing power:
Low flushing power could mean that you might need to replace your toilet with one with more flushing power. Have a professional check it!


High water pressure:
If there is too much water pressure in your home, the force of the water can cause water to leak out past various controls and valves, most of which may be designed for a much lower pressure.

Hard water:
If there is a high concentration of hard mineral particles;  limescale can accumulate and lead to problems. Buildup can displace components like O-rings, valve seats, and seals, leading to leaks.

Thermal expansion:
Water expands as it gets colder. This can affect the more flexible parts and result in leaking.

Improper washer installation:
Improperly installed washers; or one that doesn’t fit right can allow small amounts of water to escape.

Garbage Disposal

No Power:
If you pressed the reset button and the unit still fails to work call for assistance.

Unusual sounds
There may be a jam or the flywheel could be stuck.

Electrical wiring:
If there is problems with the electrical wiring, we can check that for you and repair it.

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