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Drain Snake

What is a drain snake?

Drain snakes are machines that are used to bore through solid blockages in order to restore flow to a drain.

What can they be used for?

Drain snakes are powerful tools that clear the toughest roots, grease, and clogs that block your pipes and drains. The snake grabs the messy blockage and pulls it out. Your plumber repeats this process until the entire clog is gone.

Dangers of DIY drain snake rentals

It’s risky business to try DIY drain cleaning with a plumber’s snake. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could crack your pipes causing leaks. Causing a crack in a pipe might cause even more damage and warrant replacement. Make sure you let a professional do it!



What is Hydrojetting?

In a nutshell, hydro-jetting is a form of drain cleaning that uses a pressurized water reel with an attachment to scour the inside walls of drain lines. It can break off deposits within drains that can cause clogs and flushes it out of your sewer system.

What kind of drains can be jetted?

Hydro-jetting can be utilized in PVC, ABS, cast iron, clay, transite, and even in corrugated drains used for landscape.

Is hydrojetting better than a drain snake?

It depends on a case per case basis. However, in a large number of cases, hydro-jetting is preferable due to the ability to not only get through the blockage, but also to be able to renew the drain to full flow.

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